Pridezilla: Mozilla joins LGBTQIA+ celebrations around the world

Glittery marches, powerful speeches, and evolving displays of color have come to symbolize Pride celebrations around the world. And while Mozilla loves glitter, rainbows and unicorns, we love the freedom to celebrate whoever you are even more. Online and offline, we value differing perspectives as a path to progress and we believe that we must rely on one another to build a better future together. That is why, for the first time this year, Mozilla participated in Pride celebrations in two of our home cities — Berlin and San Francisco.

“Inclusion is built into Mozilla’s mission and we believe differing perspectives make everything in our world better. I want Mozilla involved with more actions that support our mission outside of the tech sphere, like Pride,” adds Larissa Shapiro, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla.

In San Francisco, members of our People Team lead our first ever official marching contingency during the Pride Parade on June 25. True to this year’s event theme, “Generations of Strength”, over 50 Mozillians and family members of all ages marched in the parade behind our Pridezilla banner.

Mozillians get ready to march in San Francisco

Christopher Street Day, Berlin’s Pride celebration, took place July 28 — the hottest day of the year. Despite the heat, over 40 Mozilla employees, family and friends participated in the march. The day before the march, there was a poster-making session for everyone in the Berlin office. They even had a glitter manager to ensure all aspects of glittering went smoothly.

When asked why she wanted Mozilla to actively participate in Pride, Arielle Kilroy, who was on the Berlin organizing committee, said, “For me, it’s important that [Mozilla] do things in our communities that support creating safe spaces for everyone.”

In both cities, employees formed Pride committees and met weekly leading up to the event, to plan the marches and promote participation to the rest of the office. The committees were sponsored by the Mozilla Diversity and Inclusion Team, who believe Mozilla must support our employees in all aspects of their lives.

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