Firefox OS Desktop Wallpaper Update

Last month I asked the Mozilla community for help sourcing photography that we could use as default wallpaper in the first Firefox OS device. I expected that we’d get some good photos, but have to admit that I was blown away by the volume and quality of the submissions…in less than two weeks we received more than 2,500 photos, the large majority of which were truly fantastic images.

As you can imagine, selecting a mere handful of pictures from that batch was not easy, but the Firefox OS team here went through each one and, after a careful process, has narrowed it down to 17 finalists. We still need to whittle the group down a bit more, but I wanted to share a status report on where things currently stand.

To see the photos that made the initial cut just click on the image below. These picture aren’t guaranteed to make it into Firefox OS, but the team felt like they had the right mix of quality, brand attributes and product fit (remember, in the end these images won’t be viewed as you see them here…they’ll be cropped to fit a phone screen and will have app icons layered on top) to potentially be included.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to submit photos…even if yours didn’t make it, we’re tremendously grateful for your help and truly blown away by your talent. There are a *lot* of great photographers in the Mozilla community.