Greetings from Mozilla’s Creative Team!

Welcome to the official blog of Mozilla’s creative team.

Our role is to communicate the Mozilla Firefox story through visual design and copywriting, which means we work on a really wide range of projects – websites, logos, advertising, marketing campaigns, t-shirts, posters, videos, etc…you name it. We also set the broader look & feel strategy for all these types of projects by creating and maintaining the Mozilla style guide.

As a quick background as to who we are, the current lineup of the team looks like this:
* Ty Flanagan, visual designer (twitter)
* Sean Martell, lead visual designer (blog/twitter)
* Matej Novak, copywriter (blog/twitter)
* Tara Shahian, creative manager (blog/twitter)
* John Slater, director of creative (blog/twitter)
* Lee Tom, visual designer

We’ll be using this site to share our work, talk about our creative process and discuss our brand strategy. We’d like this to be the hub of our interactions with the very awesome Mozilla community, so please post questions, comments, critiques or any other thoughts you might have about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. It definitely should be a two-way conversation, in other words.

Stay tuned for much more coming soon, and thanks for reading!