Bugzilla 3.4 Released!

Editor’s note: The Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.4 on Tuesday, July 28, 2009. Check out the official announcement for more details.

The Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.4, which brings a lot of great enhancements for Bugzilla over previous versions, with various improvements to the user interface, lots of interesting new features, and many long-standing requests finally being addressed.

The release contains many new features, including:

  • A greatly-simplified bug-filing page.
  • A new front page for Bugzilla.
  • Users’ email addresses are now hidden from logged-out users (helps prevent users receiving spam)
  • Emails can be sent in the background (which greatly speeds up editing bugs)
  • URLs of searches are now much shorter, so they can be more easily shared.
  • Exciting new custom field enhancements
  • A field that allows you to refer to bugs in other Bugzillas.

For complete details on all the new features, check out the release notes. If you’re upgrading, make sure to read Notes On Upgrading From a Previous Version. If you are upgrading from a release before 3.2, make sure to read the release notes for all the previous versions in between your version and this one, particularly the Upgrading section of each version’s release notes.

Check out Max Kanat-Alexander’s blog, one of the main developers in the Bugzilla Project, for more information on the release.

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