Building Bold New Worlds With Virtual Reality


“I wanted people to feel the whole story with their bodies, not just with their minds. Once I discovered virtual reality was the place to do that, it was transformative.”
– Nonny de la Peña, CEO of Emblematic


Great creators can do more than just tell a story. They can build entirely new worlds for audiences to experience and enjoy.

From rich text to video to podcasts, the Internet era offers an array of new ways for creators to build worlds. Here at Mozilla, we are particularly excited about virtual reality. Imagine moving beyond watching or listening to a story; imagine also feeling that story. Imagine being inside it with your entire mind and body. Now imagine sharing and entering that experience with something as simple as a web URL. That’s the potential before us.

To fully realize that potential, we need people who think big. We need artists and developers and engineers who are driven to push the boundaries of the imagination. We need visionaries who can translate that imagination into virtual reality.

The sky is the limit with virtual reality, and we’re driven to serve as the bridge that connects artists and developers. We are also committed to providing those communities with the tools and resources they need to begin building their own worlds. Love working with Javascript? Check out the A-Frame framework. Do you prefer building with Unity? We have created a toolkit to bring your VR Unity experience to the web with WebVR.

We believe browsers are the future of virtual and augmented reality. The ability to click on a link and enter into an immersive, virtual world is a game-changer. This is why we held our ‘VR the People’ panel at the Sundance Film Festival, and why we will be at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York next week. We want to connect storytellers with this amazing technology. If you’re at Tribeca (or just in the area), please reach out. We’d love to chat.

This concludes our four part series about virtual reality, storytelling, and the open web. It’s our mission to empower creators, and we hope these posts have left you inspired. If you’d like to watch our entire VR the People panel. Check out the video below.


Be sure to visit to learn more about the tools and resources Mozilla offers to help you build new worlds from your imagination.

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