Congratulations 2012 Firefox Flicks Winners!

We are excited to announce from the Cannes Film Festival that we have selected the global winners of our 2012 Firefox Flicks competition.

Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla, speaking alongside Couper Samuelson, Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson
2012 Firefox Flicks winners posing with celebrity judges and Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla

After calling on creatives, filmmakers and students to help us tell the story of Mozilla Firefox, we received more than 400 submissions from thousands of filmmakers worldwide. Please see the video reel here:

Today we are awarding 25 stellar entries. For a comprehensive list of winners and runners up, please visit

Six winning films were honored today amongst Mozilla team members, judges, stars and film industry insiders at the Firefox Flicks Wrap Party at the Cannes Film Festival. The videos and the winners’ names are below. Please join us in congratulating them on their wins and their awesome work!

Be a Hero
Bogata, Columbia — Andres Felipe Mesa Rincon

Fenwick & Candy
Balmain, Australia — Gavin Fenwick Christensen, Candice Thom

I’m Falling in Love with Firefox
Cheongju-si, South Korea — Lee Sang Woo

London, UK — Sean O’Riordan, Remy Bazerque, Andrew Alderslade, Eleonore Cremonese

Toronto, Canada — Eric Perella, Andre Arevalo, Mark Galloway

Where the Weird Things Are Not
Alarzia, Spain — Ferran Brooks and Ivan Cordero Raiminguez

We will now be working with the winners on plans to incorporate their work into our global marketing campaigns.

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