Continuing the Conversation About Encryption and Apple: A New Video From Mozilla

In the past week, the conversation about encryption has reached fever pitch. Encryption, Apple, and the FBI are in headlines around the world. And lively discussions about security and privacy are taking place around kitchen tables, on television, and in comment sections across the Internet.

Mozilla believes the U.S. government’s demand for Apple to circumvent their own security protections is a massive overreach. To require Apple to do this would set a dangerous precedent that threatens consumer security going forward. But this discussion is an opportunity to broaden public understanding of encryption. When people understand the role encryption plays in their everyday lives, we can all stand up for encryption when threats surface — this key issue related to the overall health of the Internet becomes mainstream.

Earlier this month — just days before the Apple story broke — Mozilla launched a public education campaign about encryption. We’re excited to continue this campaign alongside the new, robust conversations that have emerged.

Today, Mozilla is releasing the next installment in the campaign: a short film that animates encryption as a lovable character and unpacks how she works and why she’s so important.

We hope you’ll share this video with your friends and family — and then start a conversation about the issues that have come to the fore over the past week. Building grassroots support for a safe and open Internet is essential. It’s a tried and true tactic: kitchen table conversations and support from everyday Internet users helped uphold net neutrality. This is the power of the open Internet movement at work. Now, it’s time to do it again — let’s spread the word about encryption and help keep it safe.

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