Everyday Internet Users Can Stand Up for Encryption — Here’s How

At Mozilla, we believe encryption is critical to the health of the Web. It allows us to live, work and play on a more secure Internet. Encryption helps keep the Internet exceptional.

Today, encryption is being threatened around the world. More and more governments are proposing policies that would harm user security by weakening encryption. From France to Australia to the UK, these suggested measures would thwart strong encryption for everyday Internet users. And in the U.S., the FBI was asking Apple to undermine the security of its own products.

At Mozilla, our thoughts are with the victims of recent attacks around the world. Horrific events are a moment where we must not give in to fear and weaken encryption — because encryption is a tool we all rely on every day to keep important information secure, like our financial and medical details.

The latest video in Mozilla’s public education encryption campaign explores threats to encryption around the world:

There is reason for hope — like the open Internet movement’s proven ability to take a stand and make a difference. That’s why we first started our encryption education campaign. We knew encryption would need strong, grassroots support in the coming months and years.

Now, we’re asking everyday Internet users to take an active stand. Sign our pledge to become an encryption champion standing alongside Mozilla.

By adding your name, you’re pledging to take future action to help protect encryption when it matters most. You’re joining a grassroots movement that can call policy makers, share encryption software and tips, and more, if and when necessary. We’re going to need your help with these things in the months and years ahead.

We still have time to speak up and make a difference. The power to protect strong encryption is in our hands — I hope you’ll join Mozilla and stand up for encryption today. Share our videos with your friends and join the over three million people who learned more about how encryption works, why it matters and why it’s worth protecting.

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