Firefox rocks campuses worldwide!

Much of the success of Firefox and Mozilla has been driven by our passionate community. Students, in particular, have helped build and improve Firefox by testing and contributing to the code base, and spreading it one dorm at a time. In January 2007, as an effort to reach out to and empower these folks, we launched the Mozilla Campus Rep Program.

The response has been enormous — with reps from 50 schools signing on, all passionate about our mission and eager to help spread the word. Our debut event was a worldwide Kick-Off held the week of February 19th, with students in the US, Canada, UK, and Ghana hosting creative info booths, contests, raffles, give-a-ways, and install parties. The week was a huge success at the University of Southern California, Appalachian State University, and many others.

One of the most exciting efforts was an announcement by UNLV to offer technical support for Firefox. The IT office hosted a week-long open house to provide install help, recommend Firefox Add-ons and give out swag. That’s dedication! It was such a success that we’d like to use their campaign to roll out a campus rep “starter kit” to other campuses.

We’re now working with reps at over 150 schools, and our ranks are growing every week due to their support and enthusiasm. Send me a note to rbaker at mozilla dot com if you have ideas, want to share feedback or learn more. Let’s get campuses all over the world installing and supporting Firefox!

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