Net neutrality: reacting to the Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy

The Biden Administration issued today an Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy.

“Reinstating net neutrality is a crucial down payment on the much broader internet reform that we need and we’re glad to see the Biden Administration make this a priority in its new Executive Order today. Net neutrality preserves the environment that creates room for new businesses and new ideas to emerge and flourish, and where internet users can freely choose the companies, products, and services that they want to interact with and use. In a marketplace where consumers frequently do not have access to more than one internet service provider (ISP), these rules ensure that data is treated equally across the network by gatekeepers.” — Ashley Boyd, VP of Advocacy at Mozilla

In March 2021, we sent a joint letter to the FCC asking for the Commission to reinstate net neutrality as soon as it is in working order. Mozilla has been one of the leading voices in the fight for net neutrality for almost a decade, together with other advocacy groups. Mozilla has defended user access to the internet, in the US and around the world. Our work to preserve net neutrality has been a critical part of that effort, including our lawsuit against the FCC to keep these protections in place for users in the US.

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