Protecting Search and Browsing Data from Warrantless Access

As the maker of Firefox, we know that browsing and search data can provide a detailed portrait of our private lives and needs to be protected. That’s why we work to safeguard your browsing data, with privacy features like Enhanced Tracking Protection and more secure DNS.

Unfortunately, too much search and browsing history still is collected and stored around the Web. We believe this data deserves strong legal protections when the government seeks access to it, but in many cases that protection is uncertain.

The US House of Representatives will have the opportunity to address this issue next week when it takes up the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act (H.R. 6172). We hope legislators will amend the bill to limit government access to internet browsing and search history without a warrant.

The letter in the link below, sent today from Mozilla and other companies and internet organizations, calls on the House to preserve this essential aspect of personal privacy online.

Read our letter (PDF)


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