It’s Easier To Share Your Favorite Web Content with Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android includes new features that make it easy to share your favorite websites, articles or videos with family and friends. The quickshare feature in Firefox adds a fun and colorful icon of your favorite sharing service in the Firefox Share menu  so it’s only one tap away. Share frequently with Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email? Firefox for Android will automatically add your most frequent sharing service to the menu button.

[Quickshare on Firefox for Android]

Firefox for Android supports bump sharing on NFC-enabled devices. Sharing open tabs, a favorite article, a recipe or directions with a friend just got easier. Now you can just “bump” your Android phone with your friend’s to share the best of the Web you love with Firefox for Android, seamlessly.

We make Firefox with users in mind and want to ensure reading on a small screen is comfortable and delightful. With new updates to Reader, you can easily change the font between serif and sans serif based on your preference. In Reader, Firefox for Android can automatically switch to “dark mode” (dark text on a light background) or “light mode” (light text on a dark background) depending on the level of light in the room. You can also manually switch between these states depending on your reading preference. If you’ve found an article you’d like to read later, you can now long tap the Reader icon in the URL bar to add it to your Reading List, without having to switch to Reader first. Everything in your Reader is available offline, to allow you to catch up on reading during commutes or other periods of time where Internet access is unavailable, like on an airplane or subway.

[Firefox for Android Reader in dark and light mode]

Firefox for Android adds support for Catalan, British-English and Swedish languages bringing a great Web experience to more than 20 languages.

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