Keeping the Internet Open & Accessible To All As It Evolves: Mozilla Research Grants

We are very happy to announce the results of our Mozilla Research Grants for the second half of 2019. This was an extremely competitive process, and we selected proposals which address seven strategic priorities for the Internet and for Mozilla. This includes studies of privacy in India and Indonesia, proposals to rethink how we might manage personal data, and explorations of the future of voice interfaces. The Mozilla Research Grants program is part of our commitment to being a world-class example of using inclusive innovation to impact culture, and reflects Mozilla’s commitment to open innovation.

Lead Researchers Institution Project Title
Nicola Dell Information Science, Cornell University | New York, NY, USA Analyzing Perceptions of Privacy and Security Among Small Business Owners in India and Indonesia
Sangeeta Mahapatra Institute of Asian Studies, German Institute of Global and Area Studies | Hamburg, Germany Digital surveillance and its chilling effect on journalists: Finding strategies and solutions to safely seek and share information online
Jennifer King Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School | Stanford, CA, USA Exploring User Perceptions of Personal Data Ownership and Management
Nick Nikiforakis Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University | Stony Brook NY, USA BreakHound: Automated and Scalable Detection of Website Breakage
Janne Lindqvist Aalto University | Espoo, Finland Understanding Streaming Video User Experiences
Jordan Wirfs-Brock Department of Information Science, University of Colorado, Boulder | Boulder CO, USA Creating an Open, Trustworthy News and Information Ecosystem for Voice
Alisa Frik International Computer Science Institute / UC Berkeley | Berkeley CA, USA Exploring the Boundaries of Passive Listening in Voice Assistants

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