Knowing about choice matters, when millions are asked to select a browser

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This week, Mozilla launches the Open To Choice campaign. Aimed at raising awareness among web users in Europe on the importance of making an informed choice when selecting the software and services used to access the Internet. The campaign launches at a time when almost 200 million Europeans in 32 countries will be asked to make an active choice about which Web browser will act on their behalf to broker their online experiences.

Open To Choice begins with an open letter written by Mozilla CEO John Lilly, and Mozilla Chair Mitchell Baker, addressing the European Commission and Microsoft’s landmark Browser Choice screen settlement as “… an important milestone towards helping more people take control of their online lives”. Explaining the critical importance of the browser today, the open letter calls for greater understanding, and education on why choice not only matters, but also that of an informed choice.

Watch John Lilly, Mozilla CEO talk about the open letter, and why browser choice is so important.

Over the coming weeks will go on to provide further information about browser basics, and become a hub for conversations on the importance of Web choice.

Please read the open letter and join the conversation at

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