Mozilla and the Khronos Group Announce Initiative to Bring Accelerated 3D to the Web

Today Mozilla and the Khronos Group announced that Mozilla will be leading an initiative to bring accelerated 3D to the Web. Mozilla will work with the Khronos Group to extend the exploration process of what an initial take of 3D on the Web should look like to a wider audience.

Mozilla’s Graphics Team Lead, Vladimir Vukicevic, writes more about the initiative on his blog. “Finally, people are doing more and more on the Web, and are coming to expect more from the applications that they use.  Web applications already have access to features that have traditionally been reserved for desktop apps, including being able to work while offline, storing data locally, multiple choices for 2D graphics, and native audio and video support.  Adding 3D to this mix ensures that current Web apps can experiment with new user experiences, while also enabling new classes of web applications.”

“This is a pretty big deal for us and for the Web, and is really a reflection of the continued acceleration of open web technology well beyond just the classic HTML and JavaScript that we’ve seen in the past,” says Chris Blizzard, Mozilla’s director of evangelism, in his blog post. “It’s our intention to include this as base functionality in the release after Firefox 3.5, assuming all goes well on the standards front.”

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