Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Candidate for Windows, Mac and Linux Now Available

Mozilla Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux has exited the beta cycle and is now available as a release candidate in more than 70 languages. The millions of users testing Firefox 4 will be automatically updated to this version and will join our Mozilla QA team in validating the new features, enhanced performance and stability and HTML5 capabilities in Firefox 4. Testers are encouraged to check out the Web O’ Wonder in order to see the future of the Web with cutting edge demos that showcase the incredible online experiences developers can now create. Developers can submit their own demos to the Mozilla Developer Network Demo Studio.

Thanks to our community of add-ons developers, more than 70 percent of Firefox Add-ons are now compatible with Firefox 4. If your favorite add-on isn’t marked as compatible, you can help test it using the Firefox Add-ons Compatibility Reporter.

We build Firefox with help from our contributors and millions of beta testers. The team has fixed more than 8,000 bugs since the first beta release of Firefox 4. Please help test the release candidate and provide feedback to make sure Firefox 4 is the best it can be.

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