New Adventures for Dolly, Bernadette, and Winston

Firefox Live was created to raise awareness of the red panda species (aka “firefox”) and their endangered status (in addition to sharing the cute cubs with the world). To help achieve this goal, we partnered with the Red Panda Network to promote preservation and to support their Forest Guardian program.

On March 27, we will close the the Firefox Live site after more than 250,000 hours of cuteness. While it’s been a lot of fun to watch Dolly, Bernadette, and Winston gain Internet fame, they are now reaching eight months of age (adulthood) and it’s time for them to continue onto bigger and better things.

Bernadette, Dolly and Winston are kind of a big deal in the red panda world. They are the three most important red pandas held in zoos currently, since they bring a new gene pool to the current parents-to-be. It is now time for them to leave the Knoxville Zoo and start families of their own. Bernadette will be heading to Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Virginia, to meet a very eligible bachelor named Oscar. Her sister Dolly will be traveling along with Winston to Zoo Boise in Boise, Idaho.

Tremendous thanks to Sarah Glass and the rest of the Knoxville Zoo for their help and great work, and to everyone who participated in Firefox Live. If you’d like to continue to support Dolly, Bernadette, Winston and red pandas in general, we recommend any of the following:

* Knoxville Zoo
* Red Panda Network
* Virginia Zoo (Dolly and Bernadette)
* Zoo Boise (Winston)

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