New Home Screen in Firefox for Android: Access Your Information in a Single Tap

We’re always working to give you more choice, customization and control over how you browse the Web. The new Firefox for Android Home screen helps you navigate the Web quickly and gives you easy access to all your browsing history in a single tap.

The new Home screen appears when you start up Firefox for Android, open a new tab or tap on the URL bar. You’ll instantly see your Top Sites, History, Bookmarks, and Reading List in a swipeable menu, to give you a streamlined and speedier browsing experience on-the-go, when you need it most. Firefox helps you get to any page you’ve visited, saved, or search for, so you can swiftly handle any browsing, shopping, email, work, social media or anything you need on your mobile phone or tablet.

Firefox for Android adds Bing and Yahoo! to give you more choice and control over how you search the Web on your mobile phone or tablet. You can easily change your default search options in the ‘Customize’ section of your browser settings.

Today, Firefox for Android is available on smartphones that run the Intel x86 processor chips, bringing an intuitive, powerful and personalized experience to millions of devices worldwide.

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