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The All-new Home on Firefox for Android Beta

To date, Firefox for Android has provided a number of convenient ways to quickly start browsing the web. Firefox Home offers “top sites” thumbnails that make for a great visual representation of the places you visit the most, and the awesome Search screen helps you easily browse your most visited sites, history and bookmarks, along with offering a great search experience.

Our users love all of this, and they’ve been asking us to make these features even more powerful and easier to access. And with that in mind, we’ve been working on a unified user interface that actually combines the convenience of the home page with the power of the search screen.


All your stuff, together at last

Starting today, the all-new Home offers the best of everything: quick and easy access to your browsing data (Top sites, History, Bookmarks, and Reading List), and a powerful search experience whenever you need it. In the new design, your Top sites, History, Bookmarks, and Reading List are displayed in a simple set of swipeable panels which provide a much more fluid way to navigate your data — making it easier to find a  bookmark, or a site you accessed a week ago, or an article you saved for reading later.

Amazingly easy access

Firefox Home shows up right away when you open Firefox for Android Beta, and can still be easily accessed later by tapping on the URL bar or by creating a new tab. This means you can access all your browsing data through a unified experience at any time, with a single tap.

Available today

This feature is available in Firefox for Android Beta, which is ready for download and testing now. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Firefox Home - Tablets


4 comments on “The All-new Home on Firefox for Android Beta”

  1. Radi wrote on

    I really like it. Its new, its fast and it looks better. Maybe just make the top corner a better looking, more white.

    Im always trying to use the browser instead of the apps. U guys need just to make a little better performance and add a reader mode.

    Keep moving !

    1. ibarlow wrote on

      Thanks for the comment, Radi. BTW, Firefox for Android actually *does* have a reader mode. Whenever you see a little book icon on the right edge of the URL bar, you can tap it to view a more simplified and comfortable reading layout. Example:

      1. Caspy7 wrote on

        Perhaps we need to better educate.

  2. Rafael wrote on

    Been using this awhile on Nightlies. Would love a way to get back to this home page, maybe a home button somewhere on the menu although it’s already quite packed.

    Otherwise, have to create a new tab or exit out of existing page to get back to the homepage. Feels odd.

    In other words, I don’t feel “grounded”. I want a way to get back to the “start”.