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Sticky: an open source Firefox OS sticker app

Sticky app - StickersHere’s a new Firefox OS app called Sticky.  You can take a photo of someone’s face, then select a sticker, and place it on top of the face. You can place multiple stickers on the face, and then you can save the image to your Gallery app on your Firefox OS phone and send it to your friends.

The larger idea behind Sticky is to create an app where designers can contribute their work directly to an app. We want designers to create new stickers and submit them to this app. Maureen and I are trying to do the same thing with the Firefox OS app Drawl, where we want designers to add new brushes, colors, etc. to the app. Contributing code to an app is easy with GitHub, but how do you do the same with design work?Sticky - Face

As an experiment, if you’d like to add your own stickers to this app, just make a 300x300px transparent png image. You can then create a new Issue in the GitHub repo and attach your sticker image to the Issue, or submit a Pull Request to the repository. Here’s a link to the GitHub repo to get started.

Additionally, the Firefox OS app can be installed here:

Now go forth and make some more stickers!

One comment on “Sticky: an open source Firefox OS sticker app”

  1. Andre Jaenisch wrote on

    What a nice app! Will try it :)

    Regarding to your problem with adding new stickers: Maybe Aaron Seigo’s Bodega can help here:

    I imagine something like uploading stickers into a warehouse per user and gather them in a store by the developers. Or so. Get in touch with Aaron (he’s mainly developing on KDE plasma and Vivaldi tablet) to discuss a viable solution.

    Great work!