The New York Times joins Mozilla and Knight Foundation to drive open innovation in news

The New York Times and three other leading global news organizations are joining “Knight-Mozilla OpenNews,” a partnership aimed at driving open source innovation in news.

The announcement will be made at SXSW on Saturday, alongside a series of exhibits showcasing how Mozilla and other open source projects are leading innovation in news, in areas like real-time visualizations, augmented video, data-journalism and HTML5 web tools.

Four new partners join Knight-Mozilla OpenNews

Begun in the spring of 2011, The Knight-Mozilla OpenNews  project began with an initial set of news partners that include the BBC, the Guardian, Zeit Online, the Boston Globe and Al Jazeera English.

Four new news partners are now joining the project. They are:

2012/13 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellowships

OpenNews will award eight new fellowships this year, embedding fellows in these partner news organizations to spend a year writing code in collaboration with reporters and newsroom developers.

Fellows will work in the open by sharing their code and their discoveries on  the web, to increase access to new software and ideas. Applications will open April 9 through

Knight-Mozilla OpenNews partners at the 2011 Mozilla Festival in London

Open news and the open web

SXSW has become a destination event for the ‘hacker-journalist,'” said Mozilla’s Dan Sinker. “It  does a great job of mixing the developer mindset with the larger media  world. It’s the perfect place for us to make this anouncement.”

What’s exciting about this project is that it affords us a luxury newsrooms rarely have: the ability to dig deep on a subject of critical importance,” said Aron Pilhofer, Editor of Interactive News at The New York Times. “The results, we hope, will help The Times and the industry in general measure and enhance the impact of our journalism.”

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