Personas: So what’s your style?

Are you a Personas fan or want to change the look of your Firefox?  Firefox 3.6 makes it possible for you to change the appearance of your browser by selecting new themes called Personas in a single click and without a restart!   There are over 30,000 designs to choose from thanks to our wonderful community of designers.  Help celebrate the launch of Firefox 3.6 and the hard work of our Personas designers by telling the world about your favorite Persona — in pictures.

Gorjan Jovanovski flaunts his style
Gorjan Jovanovski flaunts his style

Just showcase a Persona that reflects your individuality by taking a photo with it. Here’s how:

  • Select your favorite Persona on Firefox and create a screen capture of your browser window.  Cut it out and take a photo with it.  Here’s a great template to help you.
  • Take a photo upclose with you next to your computer and your Persona-clad browser.
  • If you’re super creative, have fun with digital imaging software and put your picture in your browser like this one.
  • Or you can copy and enlarge design elements from your favorite Persona into an image editor to create a placard, a mask and more!

Feel free to get creative. You can also gather friends for a group photo. Whatever you do, share it with the world. Here are a few ways:

  • Upload to Flickr or your favorite photo sharing site and tag with “personas”.  If you use Flickr, make sure to add it to our group.
  • Post on Twitter, or Mozillaca using Twitpic or to shorten your Flickr URL along with a link to our new Personas video (
  • Make it your new profile picture on Facebook, Ning or Orkut.
  • Add it to our fan photos on Firefox’s Facebook page.

Have fun and stay-tuned for a showcase of all the great Personas pictures like we did for Five Years of Firefox.

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