Reclaim the internet with Mozilla

Remember when the internet felt personal? Like a cool space for ourselves to discover really amazing things? The web allowed us to tell our stories in new ways, learn from others across the world and solve problems together. This extraordinary power is what sparked Mozilla’s commitment to a healthy internet, through activism and open source projects like Firefox. Now, just as we asked people to build with us 25 years ago, we invite everyone to join us in our new call to action: reclaiming the internet.  

Mozilla knows there are not-so-great things about being online these days. From misinformation and security risks to being tracked for our data and the great speed at which AI is overtaking our lives, it can all make us feel like we’re just scrolling along for the ride. But while profit has shaped the web for too long, we still believe that the best days of the internet are still to come — and that people can and should reclaim their narrative, their time and the connections they make online. This is why we’re taking Mozilla’s quarter anniversary as an opportunity to both reflect on our accomplishments of the last 25 years and to set a course for the decades ahead. 

To commemorate this moment, we are hosting a five-day event at the Alte Münze in Berlin this Oct. 12 to 16 that embodies all of what Mozilla has been, what it aims to be and what it envisions for the internet. 

Daytime visitors will get to explore the future through four immersive rooms that show what’s possible when internet users reclaim expression, inspiration, wonder and community. In the evening, we will host an array of programming including an awards ceremony celebrating the inaugural cohort for Rise 25, a recognition of 25 everyday people who are shaping the future of the internet, creating technologies to be more ethical, responsible and equitable, and content that is more inclusive and diverse. They’re the next generation of leaders who will help empower all of us to make the internet cooler, safer and more aligned with the future we all dream of.

You can reserve tickets for Mozilla’s Reclaim the Internet event here.

Of course, we want you to join us even if you’re not in Berlin. You’ll be able to check out the exhibits and events on our Instagram and TikTok, including a livestream of the Rise25 award ceremony on Mozilla’s YouTube page

So, let’s come together and reclaim the internet. With your help, we can shape a future where individual expression, inspiration, wonder and community define our personal experiences online. The time is now to act, build and choose a better internet — and we need to do it together.

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