Thank You, Ronaldo Lemos

Ronaldo Lemos joined the Mozilla Foundation board almost six years ago. Today he is stepping down in order to turn his attention to the growing Agora! social movement in Brazil.

Over the past six years, Ronaldo has helped Mozilla and our allies advance the cause of a healthy internet in countless ways. Ronaldo played a particularly important role on policy issues including the approval of the Marco Civil in Brazil and shaping debates around net neutrality and data protection. More broadly, he brought his experience as an academic, lawyer and active commentator in the fields of intellectual property, technology and culture to Mozilla at a time when we needed to step up on these topics in an opinionated way.

As a board member, Ronaldo also played a critical role in the development of Mozilla Foundation’s movement building strategy. As the Foundation evolved it’s programs over the  past few years, he brought to bear extensive experience with social movements in general — and with the open internet movement in particular. This was an invaluable contribution.

Ronaldo is the Director of the Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro (, Professor at the Rio de Janeiro State University’s Law School and Partner with the law firm Pereira Neto Macedo.

He recently co-founded a political and social movement in Brazil called Agora!. Agora! is a platform for leaders engaged in the discussion, formulation and implementation of public policies in Brazil. It is an independent, plural and non-profit movement that believes in a more humane, simple and sustainable Brazil — in an efficient and connected state, which reduces inequalities and guarantees the well-being of all citizens.

Ronaldo remains a close friend of Mozilla, and we’ll no doubt find ample opportunity to work together with him, ITS and Algora! in the future. Please join me in thanking Ronaldo for his tenure as a board member, and wishing him tremendous success in his new endeavors.

Mozilla is now seeking talented new board members to fill Ronaldo’s seat. More information can be found here:

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