The Mozilla Community Marketing Guide

It’s an amazing thought that the hundreds of millions of users of Mozilla software have (in almost all cases) found out about it by word-of-mouth, through their friends and acquaintances. The Mozilla community doesn’t merely develop, test and localize software and documentation, but it also markets this software to the world.

But marketing is perhaps the most diffuse and decentralized activity we undertake. As the Mozilla collective continues to grow, more and more volunteers are stepping forward as marketing contributors. That’s why we pulled together a guide to the resources available, to make it easier for people to join in marketing activities, and to start their own. The guide will evolve over time -indeed, we will be adding to it constantly, and look forward to plenty of feedback.

At the moment it has details of how people can get involved by:

  • Organizing and Attending Events
  • Public Speaking
  • Blogging, Tagging and Social Networking
  • Advertising Mozilla
  • Making T-Shirts and Other Items
  • Guerrilla Marketing Activities
  • Collecting Testimonials
  • Distributing Software
  • Understanding Our Users
  • Promoting the Mozilla Mission
  • Collecting Press Clippings
  • Speaking to the Press
  • Requesting Sponsorship for a Project
  • Reporting Disreputable Behavior

The guide is located on Mozilla’s community portal.

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