Welcome Adam Seligman, Mozilla’s new Chief Operating Officer

I’m excited to announce that Adam Seligman has joined Mozilla as our new Chief Operating Officer. Adam will work closely with me to help scale our businesses, growing capabilities, revenue and impact to fulfill Mozilla’s mission in service to internet users around the world.

Our goal at Mozilla is to build a better internet. To provide products and services that people flock to, and that elevate a safer, more humane, less surveillance and exploitation-based reality. To do this —  especially now — we need to engage with our customers and other technologists; ideate, test, iterate and ship products; and develop revenue sources faster than we’ve ever done.

Adam has a proven track record of building businesses and communities in the technology space. With a background in computer science, Adam comes to Mozilla with nearly two decades of experience in our industry. He managed a $1B+ cloud platform at Salesforce, led developer relations at Google and was a key member of the web platform strategy team at Microsoft.

Adding Adam to our team will accelerate our ability to solve big problems of online life, to create product offerings that connect to consumers, and to develop revenue models in ways that align with our mission. Adam is joining Mozilla at a time when people are more reliant than ever on the internet, but also questioning the impact of technology on their lives. They are looking for leadership and solutions from organizations like Mozilla. Adam will help grow Mozilla’s capacity to offer a range of products and services that meet people’s needs for online life.

“The open internet has brought incredible changes to our lives, and what we are witnessing now is a massive acceleration,” said Adam Seligman, Mozilla’s new Chief Operating Officer. “The open internet is keeping our industries running and our children learning. It’s our lifeline to family and friends, and it’s our primary source of information. It powers everything from small business to social movements. I want to give back to an internet that works for people — not against them. And there is no better champion for a people-first vision of the internet than Mozilla.”

In his capacity as Chief Operating Officer, Adam will lead the Pocket, Emerging Technologies, Marketing and Open Innovation teams to accelerate product growth and profitable business models, and work in close coordination with Dave Camp and the Firefox organization to do the same.

I eagerly look forward to working together with Adam to navigate these troubled times and build a vibrant future for Mozilla’s product and mission.

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