What will you do this summer…make Firefox?

Editor’s note: Cross-posted from Julie Deroche’s Blog.


Over the years, Mozilla went from hiring only a handful of interns to now having over 30 students during the summer. They come from different academic backgrounds and different countries, with the shared objective of improving the web. At Mozilla, our goal is to expose the students to our open source environment, and therefore demonstrate the importance of a community-driven project.

What Mozilla offers is more than a summer internship: it’s an open invitation to becoming a meaningful contributor to the project. And when we say that your work matters, we actually mean it. Let’s take the recent release of Firefox 3.6 for example. All of our 2009 engineering interns actually committed code that became part of Firefox 3.6! Where else can you say that your work positively impacted more than 350 million users?

But don’t take my words for it, go to our interns website and check out our interns presentations.

We also have both full-time and internship positions available on our careers page. Don’t be shy, check it out and send us your resume! .

Starting next week, we’ll be attending a few career fairs and also hosting some info sessions, and we hope to meet you then! For more information regarding our program, you can always drop by #interns on IRC (irc.mozilla.org).

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