Engaging with our Firefox community: Highlights from our recent AMA 

Photos of the Firefox leadership executives holding signs with the date of the AMA

Recently, we shared our 2024 priorities for Firefox on Mozilla Connect, our dedicated space for engaging our community. It’s where we exchange ideas, gather feedback and spark discussions to shape future product releases. Eager to reach more of the community, the Firefox team hosted a two hour Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

The AMA had a great turnout of Firefox supporters keen to discuss topics like videos for new releases, performance enhancements and feature suggestions like automatic tab discarding. Here are some highlights: 

User interface and productivity enhancements 

Our community is enthusiastic about several upcoming features designed to improve productivity and customization. Our Tab Groups team is hard at work creating a better experience for people who need to manage many tabs. Additionally, we are also exploring modernizing a place where you’ll have access to better tools for viewing your browser history and bookmarks and providing a better interface for organizing tabs and windows across devices.

Performance and compatibility improvements 

Speed and efficiency remain top priorities. For Android users, enhancements focus on improving performance, battery life and adding new features. Site isolation (Fission) is also in progress for Android to boost security.

Media and accessibility features 

To enhance media playback, we’re exploring a contributor patch — a piece of code submitted by an external developer — for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) autoplay, a feature that allows video content to play in a small, resizable window that stays on top of other windows, which will automatically open a Picture-in-Picture window when navigating away from a media tab. On the accessibility front, we’re expanding our translation feature to include more languages, with new packages and support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in our pipeline.

We want to hear from you 

This was our first AMA in a while, and we’re interested in what you think. Did you find the AMA helpful? Was there anything we missed? How often should we host these sessions? Let us know by filling out this survey. If you missed the AMA, you can still check it out here.

These insights and feedback from our community are instrumental in guiding our efforts to make Firefox the best browser experience possible. Stay tuned for more on our next AMA as well as updated. Join us on Mozilla Connect to keep the conversation going!

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