A Different Kind Of New Year’s Resolution

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are a frequent user of the Internet. To you, it’s no secret Mozilla Firefox 3 is faster and safer, you are well aware you can personalize your experience with Firefox Add-ons and even experience the future of Web browsing with Ubiquity. But how about your friends? Family? You may have convinced them to begin using Firefox ages ago, but have they updated to the latest version Firefox 3 yet?

As the festive time comes to a close, and we turn our focus to the New Year, you’ve probably already put some thought into your New Year’s resolutions. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s likely to mark a fresh start for 2009. It’s all about enriching your life, but what about considering something a little closer to home? Upgrading your browser software is the best way to enjoy new features and to stay safe online. Help those around you to enjoy a safe and fun online year 2009. Simply ask them to go to http://getfirefox.com , and download the latest version of Firefox. It is as simple as that!

Thanks for using Firefox, and wish you a Happy New Year!

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