A Socially Responsible Way to Internet

Choices matter. That might sound flippant or obvious, but we’re not just talking about big, life-changing decisions. Little choices — daily choices — add up in a big way, online and off.

This is why people compost and recycle, or bike/bus instead of driving, or learn to mend their clothes instead of throwing them away, or grow their own brassicas in their backyards. It’s not particularly fun to pull banana peels or egg shells that accidentally made it into the garbage out to compost them, but these are the sacrifices we make for the planet. It’s how we prevent the tragedy of the commons.

With every socially responsible choice we make, we’re voting for the kind of future we want (not just for ourselves, but for others) by taking small, easy* actions to protect global resources.

What people often don’t think about when they think about preserving global resources, though, is the internet. Here at Firefox, we’re backed by the non-profit Mozilla and we see the internet as a global public resource that should be open and accessible to all.

Just like people work to keep the planet healthy, we’re working toward a healthy internet.

We champion openness because no one should be able to restrict anyone’s access to the Web for their own gain and competition leads to innovation and more meaningful choices for users. As Solana Larson said in Mozilla’s Internet Health Report, “a few big companies are closing in, closing doors, and creating walled gardens that concentrate their ownership and control of the Web. Together, we can fight to make sure no one limits our Internet access, experience, or creation.”

We see user control in privacy and security as fundamental (never optional) because we should all be able to choose — with clarity and confidence — what information we share with what companies, understanding the trade-offs we’re making when we do. That’s why privacy is the default for Firefox.

We also made Firefox more efficient. It runs twice as fast as it did a year ago and uses 30% less memory than Chrome, so you don’t have to feel like you’re trading in performance for purpose.

We’re doing the work, all you have to do is download Firefox. Should be an easy choice.

*It should be noted that growing your own brassicas is neither easy in choice nor in execution. If the caterpillars don’t get to your broccoli and butter lettuce first, good luck with them not bolting the first hot day of summer.

The new Firefox. Fast for good.

With 2x the speed, built-in privacy protection and Mozilla behind it, the new Firefox is the better way to browse. Get the new Firefox.

Mozilla is the not-for-profit behind Firefox, the original alternative browser. We create products and policy to keep the internet in service of people, not profit.

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