Celebrate Firefox Internet Champions

While the world celebrates athletic excellence, we’re taking a moment to share some of the amazing Internet champions that help build, support and share Firefox.

Internet Champions

The browser is built with help (and love) from volunteer engineers, testers, support gurus, evangelists and localizers (the wonderful people who make Firefox available in over 94 languages) from all over the world. Come meet a handful of the people who are proud to call themselves Mozillians:

Bolaram Paul

Country: Bangladesh
Years as a contributor: 6
How he contributes: Bolaram contributes to Firefox by doing QA tests, bug tests, localization, and by organizing events about open source technology.
Why he contributes: “I love to contribute because Mozilla is not just a foundation, but a community. I believe that internet is a public global resource and that should be accessed by everybody. I also believe in the concept of net neutrality. Mozilla’s mission of making the web open and transparent for all make me inspired.”

Cynthia Pereira

Country: Brazil
Years as a contributor: 3
How she contributes: Cynthia is involved with a lot of Mozilla’s projects. She does localization for Brazilian Portuguese for all Firefox products, websites and marketing campaigns. She also helps answering questions in the Firefox support forum (SUMO) and on social media.
Why she contributes:“I truly believe in Mozilla’s mission to help keep the Internet open and accessible to all. This way we can innovate, raise awareness, teach and create opportunities that impact and change lives.”

Christophe Villeneuve

Country: France
Years as a contributor: 8
How he contributes: Christophe supports Mozilla by being a Mozilla Rep, working on WebExtensions / Addons, being a Mozilla Social Champion and working on the Mozilla Social Support Team, MDN, Web Docs, Bugzilla and does public speaking on Mozilla and open source.
Why he contributes: “I contribute to learn new technologies and share them to keep the Internet open.”

Juma Baldeh

Country: The Gambia
Years as a contributor: 2
How she contributes: Juma challenges the gender technology gap in her home country, The Gambia, where she encourages women to pursue careers in technology. She runs the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls, where she mentors and supports young women in her community on web literacy. The club teaches Internet security and privacy, basic IT skills, and programming languages to girls ages eight to eighteen weekly. Beyond web education, the club unites girls in a safe space where they can freely collaborate, learn and share experiences. With more than 50 girls currently enrolled in the club, Juma is shifting the social stigma about gender and IT, one girl at a time.
Why she contributes: “I contribute to improve gender balance among web users. So with the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls I envision a future where tech club members become future mentors to other girls, ensuring a strong, equitable role on the web for the next generation of women.”

Drashti Kaushik

Country: India
Years as a contributor: 3
How she contributes: Localization and evangelism.
Why she contributes: “It gives me satisfaction. We use Firefox every day and in return we are contributing back to the open web.”

 Ruth Kaveke Michael

Country: Kenya
Years as a contributor: 1
How she contributes: Ruth shares what she loves doing most in Mombasa, Kenya which is empowering women in technology through programs and training through social media. She educates women in her community on the Mozilla Women Online Self Defense program that will assist women to stay safe on the Internet.
Why she contributes: “I share what I am passionate about because I believe in inspiring more girls and women to pursue technology career.”

Surit Aryal

Years as a contributor: 6
How he contributes: Surit volunteers in the Mozilla Reps program, localization for Nepalese and Firefox support.
Why he contributes: “I contribute to Firefox because it is the biggest and most successful FOSS program.”



Nino Vranešič

Country: Slovenia
Years as a contributor: 9
How he contributes: Nino contributes to Mozilla by leading the local Mozilla Slovenia community. He started as localizer and was later on included in Firefox Marketplace. Currently his main activities are connected with Firefox Evangelism and Marketing.
Why he contributes: “Great people, lot of learning opportunity and dedication to this great project. Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian.”

Xavier Martorell

Country: Spain
Years as a contributor: 3
How he contributes: Xavier volunteers to do QA on Firefox and does some Spanish Localization.
Why he contributes: “Because I believe in Open Source and Firefox is the independent browser who fights for user privacy and security.”

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