Fastest Firefox, Part 2: More Speediness

Fastest FirefoxAs I wrote last week, the upcoming Firefox 3.5 release will be significantly faster than any previous version of Firefox. To spread the word about this achievement, we’re asking members of worldwide Mozilla community to share videos of their own speedy feats.

If you’d like to join the fun, here’s all you have to do:

1. Record a short video of you at your fastest. You can be playing piano, running laps or writing a blog post…just make it fast!

2. Visit and follow the easy instructions on how to upload your video to us.

3. We’ll be editing the best submissions into a single compilation, so check back about a week after the 3.5 release. If we use your clip, you’ll get a Firefox 3.5 t-shirt (not to mention great karma and a story you can tell your grandchildren).

Need inspiration? Don’t miss the video from the incredible Steven Purugganan, who at the age of 11 already holds multiple world records for sport stacking. If you’re not familiar with sport stacking just watch the clip and all will be revealed (but you may need to watch it a few times because it truly goes by in a blur).

Can you keep up with Steven? Be sure to visit and show us your speed!

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