Try Firefox Picture-in-Picture for multi-tasking with videos

The Picture-in-Picture feature in the Firefox browser makes multitasking with video content easy, no window shuffling necessary. With Picture-in-Picture, you can play a video in a separate, scalable window that pops out for viewing on top of all your windows. It stays and plays while you go about your other business on other tabs or do things outside of from Firefox.

Firefox now offers multiple Picture-in-Picture mode!

To use it, hover your mouse over a video in your Firefox browser to see a small Picture-in-Picture message:

Click the picture-in-picture icon to pop open a slim, floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs. You can also move it around your screen and drag the corner to resize it.

Times that the Firefox Picture-in-Picture feature comes in handy:

Toddler duty

Pop out PAW Patrol for your kiddo to watch while you catch up on emails and hold them close for extra snuggles.

Learning new coding skills

Open an online tutorial video while keeping your developer software full screen where you test the code.

Staying in the loop

Catch your local, state and national press briefing while you join live Twitter conversations in the background.

First time baker

No matter where you fall in the great sourdough debate of 2020, Picture-in-Picture lets you keep a baking how-to video on top of the screen while you have the recipe beside it.

Sport fix

Play some archive footage on the side while working away in your other tabs.

Streaming party multitasking

If your streaming party friends are watching a rerun, Picture-in-Picture can let you play your party’s show or movie so you stay in touch with friends, but also do other things in the background.

Catch a concert

Some of us are born performers, others of us are born fans. Pop out a concert and take a break, from classical to tiny performances.

Practice those riffs

Watch your guitar hero play your favorite song while you read the notes and learn to strum along.

Give Firefox Picture-in-Picture a try

Try it out now with these adorable red pandas.

Let us know how you’re using Picture-in-Picture in Firefox.

More videos

Soothing scenes set to gentle sounds could be just the thing to restore serenity and focus to your day. Watch with Firefox Picture-in-Picture mode.

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