Get organized with Firefox Collections

The numbers aren’t in yet, but we’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ve been online more in 2020 than ever before. Of course we have! The internet is an endless font of just interesting stuff, and it’s more important than ever to keep us connected, informed and inspired. You think of something, then whip out your phone to check into it. Again and again, which means lots and lots of open browser tabs. Keeping a zillion open tabs is the sign of an enthusiastic, curious digital citizen, but sometimes you need to organize that chaos. We’re here to help with Collections in Firefox for Android.

Tab collections in Firefox for Android

The Firefox for Android app lets you collect and organize tabs into any quick grouping you want. You can create and name your own Collections and add pages to them as you browse. To add any tab to a Collection, tap the three dots, then tap Save to collection.

Save to collection: Get in my belly

How are Collections different from bookmarks? They’re really not so different, but you could think of Collections as more front-and-center tab organization around a theme. Tabs stay nested in a Collections folder for tidy storage and viewing on your home screen. Firefox Collections can be easily created when you have the need and then deleted when you no longer do.

Collection ideas:

  • Daily hits: Save the top news and entertainment sites you cycle through daily into one collection for fast access.
  • Back to school: Gather supply lists, book lists, school opening plans and classroom portals, schedules and calendars (so much to organize ) into a collection that’s at your fingertips.
  • Planning a road trip: Save your destination ideas, vacation rentals, scenic routes and local guidelines into a collection for when the time is right.
  • Recipes: Considering keto? Create a recipe collection to get started. Done with keto? Collect the pasta recipes you’ve been missing.
  • Growing a garden: Gather your favorite gardening resources into one collection so you can quickly find inspiration and important tips when you need them, like when your tomato flowers are falling off and what to do for winter prep.
  • Gift shopping: Leslie Knope doesn’t give the perfect gift by shopping at the last minute. She collects those ideas all year long. Start a gift collection to save the unique gift ideas you stumble across whenever you’re online.
  • Go-to memes, GIFs and cute animals: It’s not a bad idea to keep a collection of humor (or snark) at  the ready to share with a friend, or, heck, to cheer yourself up.

No matter how much time you spend on your phone, keeping yourself organized just feels good! And collections do just that. Let us know how you like Collections in Firefox for Android by sending us a screenshot on Twitter, and we’ll reply with something to add to it. We’d love to hear from you.

Start your first collection today! Get Firefox for Android.

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