Introducing Mozilla Firefox Accounts

Mozilla is a trusted organization, founded on a mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity online. We move the Web forward as a platform for developers and the industry by building technology in the open to evolve and promote standards that benefit everyone. We are dedicated to delivering fun, powerful, rich, innovative products that people love and that not only put the user first, but embody the values of our mission.

When we started building Firefox OS we knew we’d learn a lot about how the Web would need to evolve to become an even better mobile platform. We also knew our products, and our organization, would need to grow to take on new challenges and opportunities as we launched the first wave of Firefox OS devices into the market.

Last year, we created a new team at Mozilla to explore one specific area of the Web that’s grown with the explosion of mobile devices — the cloud (sometimes called Internet services). As a pioneer of the Web (and the cloud that it enables) for more than 15 years, Mozilla has always been at the forefront of cloud services – from optimizing how to download and update software like the Firefox browser and our integrated add-ons platform, to more recently integrating Firefox Sync, social features, WebRTC and more.

While we’ve worked to offer services that deliver value and put users and developers in control of their Web experiences, we’ve never had a simple way for you to sign up and sign in to access these integrated services across our products.

Today, we’re introducing Firefox Accounts as a safe and easy way for you to create an account that enables you to sign in and take your Firefox with you anywhere. With Firefox Accounts, we can better integrate services into your Web experience, like the new Firefox Sync.

Firefox Sync enables you to take your browsing data like passwords, bookmarks, history, and open tabs across devices, just as it always has. But now we’ve made it even easier to setup the service and add multiple devices, while still delivering the same browser-based encryption.

If you have Firefox Aurora, you can test the experimental new Firefox Accounts and Firefox Sync. We are working on the best Firefox Sync experience and we’re eager to hear feedback and get the service ready for the world to enjoy.

We are excited to explore what new services and features we can build for you to experience in Firefox. We’ll share more on Firefox Accounts and other services like Firefox Sync soon.

Mark Mayo and Cloud Services Team

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