New Firefox Add-on Awesomeness Is On The Way

The New Firefox is coming in November, and it’s going to be awesome! Faster. More Stable. More technically evolved!

New Firefox Add-ons are on the way

New Firefox’s mission:awesomeness required us to improve and modernize a lot of things, including our add-on technology. And there are many benefits to how our New Firefox add-on technology works. It’s safer, more stable and will be compatible with future releases of Firefox for years to come.

You can give these new add-ons a spin at Well over 4000 add-ons have been updated so far.

You should know that the New Firefox will only support these new add-ons. And if you’re like most Firefox users, you may have at least one or two “Legacy” add-ons installed on your browser right now.

How will you know if your favorites will be supported? If you’re feeling keen, you can check in your add-on manager to see which add-ons haven’t been updated and look for a replacement now. Just look for the yellow “Legacy” label. If one of your favorites hasn’t been updated yet, follow the steps on our Mozilla Firefox Support Forum FAQ page. Developers are still working on updating their add-ons before the New Firefox arrives this fall.

Keeping the Web More Compatible

The new technology that Firefox add-ons is built on is better for the internet. Based on open Web standards, many of these new add-ons can work in other browsers, meaning more things made on the internet will work in more places on the internet.

That’s an important benefit for the internet as a whole. You can find more detailed information on the new Firefox technology changes, and add-ons specifically, on the Mozilla Add-ons Blog.

We hope you’ll love the New Firefox

Thank you so much for supporting Mozilla and Firefox. As a human-scale technology company going against some very big browser machines, we could not do it without our people. And every click you make in Firefox helps strengthen and protect the world’s largest shared global resource, the internet!

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