Online shopping: Autofill your credit card info safely with Firefox

You’re doing some online shopping. You’re filling out yet another payment form. Somehow the little box read your mind and already knows what you’re about to type into it. How useful! How creepy?

Credit card saving in autofill

Never fear. What you’ve just run into is a form autofill. Firefox lets you save your address entries to make the next online payment form easier to complete. Your entries aren’t shared with anybody else until you select them for use again. And because this is Firefox, you’ve got options galore. You can choose to delete previous entries. You can choose to delete the whole darn form. You can also prevent Firefox from storing any entries at all. (Here’s how.) Whatever floats your boat. Some people don’t like to go fast. Some people just really like to type.

Get To Checkout Faster

And hey online shoppers, we’ve got a new autofill feature for you: we can now autofill your saved credit card info. You’ll be asked if you want your credit card info saved. For extra precaution, we’ll never save your CVV number (those three important numbers printed on the back of your card). And you can even set a password for your credit card info for an additional layer of protection.

Online shopping. Signing up for a newsletter – or a yearlong bacon subscription. Starting a blog. Making contributions. Asking for more info. Sending your kids to camp. So many forms. So many autofills. So many times Firefox can make the internet faster for you. Faster for good.

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