Stop texting yourself links. With Send Tabs there’s a better way.

It’s 2019 friends. We don’t have to keep emailing and texting ourselves links. It’s fussy to copy and paste on a mobile device. It’s annoying to have to switch between apps to get information where you need it. The solution? Send Tabs which lets you instantly send tabs between devices without having to leave the browser.

Ready to say goodbye to emailing yourself links? The first thing you need is a Firefox Account. It’s your ticket to a quick and easy access to synced tabs, saved passwords and more. All built with your privacy and needs in mind. Once you have your account and you’re signed in on the devices you want to use, you’re ready to go.

Open a page on one screen, send it with a tap and you can view it instantly on any of your synced devices. Have a windows machine and an iPhone? No problem. Whatever device you have Firefox on, you can send tabs between all of them.

On your phone or tablet you can also send tabs from apps to your browser. Click through to something you want to read later when you’re on Twitter? Just select share and then Firefox. It’s sent to your browser instantaneously and is encrypted from end to end.

Here’s how to do it.

Make sure you’ve signed in to  your Firefox Account first.

1. Go to the page you want to send to your computer.
2. Tap the Page Actions menu (the three dots beside the URL bar)
3. Tap “Send to Device”
4. Tap “Send Tab.”
5. In the Send Tab prompt, choose the synced device you want to send the tab to.

If you don’t see the Send Tab option on your iPhone, you’ll need to add it to your options first.

Get Firefox for your desktop or for your mobile device today and be done with all the extra work of texting or emailing links for good.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German) Français (French)

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