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Firefox for Android Beta includes Improvements to the Awesome Bar and Awesome Screen

A new update to Firefox for Android Beta is ready for download and testing.

Firefox for Android Beta includes new features and optimizations to the Awesome Bar and Awesome Screen to help get you to where you want to go on the Web quickly. The Awesome Bar automatically hides while not in use, to make your entire small screen available for browsing. Simply pull down the Awesome Bar from the top of the screen when you are ready to use it again. The Awesome Bar in Firefox for Android Beta also includes domain autocomplete, which will complete your URL destination as you type. Firefox for Android Beta is currently the only browser that supports this autocomplete function. Switch to Tab lets you easily find and switch to any open tab from your Awesome Screen without opening duplicate tabs.

Firefox for Android Beta lets you change your default search provider directly from the add-ons manager. To change your default search provider, visit the Add-ons manager, and long-tap on an installed search engine. This brings up a dialog where you can either “Disable” the search engine, or “Set as Default”.

Firefox for Android Beta includes an updated RSS feed reader to create a simple way to subscribe to an RSS feed. You can subscribe to RSS feeds in either My Yahoo! or Google. If you go to any page with a discoverable RSS feed and long-tap on the Awesome Bar, you will be given the option to “Subscribe to Page”.

Firefox for Android Beta adds support for Turkish and Hungarian locales bringing Firefox for Android to more than 20 languages worldwide.

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