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Web QA gets Badges!

v1The Web QA team is excited to announce our introductory badge! Open Badges have been going gang busters at Mozilla, and we are happy to be joining in.

We’d like to thank the awesome contributor Cosmin Stahiescu for creating our new badge design. He submitted a number of designs in the original QA Badge creation contest. Our team was happy to use his design for our first badge!

Our initial badge is for getting everything set up, installed, and running for one of our GitHub project repos. There are instructions on doing just that inside this post:

Our contributors do so much to help us out- and get started takes a bit of effort. Hopefully this badge will be a fun reward to those who have put in so much time and energy.

Check out the badge on Mozilla’s Badge site:–Web-QA-Automation

After signing in with Persona, you can easily nominate yourself or others who have completed this task. Congratulations in advance!

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