Encouraging Users: One and Done

This has been an exciting year for One and Done. In order to keep track of our users and the fabulous work they are doing, we made it so that all Task Feedback gets sent directly to the owner of the task.

This means that we hear directly from YOU, the contributors! It’s really great to hear honest direct feedback from the people using our tools. It helps us know what is working well, and what we can fix.

From the perspective of a person who reads all of the feedback, the next step is to build greater connections with our contributors. I want to reach out and get to know who is using One and Done, and how I can help them get more involved with Mozilla.

One step in that direction is utilizing Badges. Badges are designed to recognize the work that contributors are doing for Mozilla, and specifically for our team.

So now, when I receive feedback from someone who has completed a task – I reply with a Thank You note, and attach a link to the Badge that they already earned. I make a point of appreciating what they did, and encourage them to take another step towards being more involved with our team.

I might send something similar to this:

Thanks for helping out the Web QA team by completing our One and Done task! If you have any questions about our team, or would like to find out how to get more involved, all of our information is here:


Feel free to join the mailing list, or hang out with us on IRC. We have opportunities to contribute in manual and automated testing. We’d love to see more of you, so tell us how you’d like to get involved.

You may claim a badge for the work you’ve done here:


If you’d like to work towards one of our other team badges, all of the information is here:


Thanks again for your help!

~Rebecca Billings

:rbillings on IRC

PS: You may edit your preferences if you do not wish to receive further email from One and Done:


You’ll note that they are reminded of their ability to set their email preferences, in case email contact is unwanted.

In the future it’s my hope to make the process of getting to know contributors smoother and easier- and this is one step in that direction.

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