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Web QA: 2014 – Year in Review

(I love this team so much — and we’re not all represented, here, even!)


Shamelessly stealing a page from Laura Thomson’s “2014: Engineering Operations Year in Review” blogpost, Web QA would also like to take this slightly belated opportunity to highlight many — but certainly not all — team accomplishments:



  • got Marketplace Payments tests (UI flow, using Marionette) running on a Firefox OS Flame device using Zippy
  • switched Android tests over to Appium, using Sauce Labs
  • shipped Marketplace on low-spec Tarako devices/branch
  • shipped serverless in-app payments
  • supported (both manually and with automation) the split of AMO and Marketplace
  • shipped update notifications and feature detection for Hello and WMW
  • shipped Operator Dashboard
  • shipped Curation tools
  • shipped Feed!
  • shipped Bango dev-portal integration into DevHub
  • shipped single-page webpay
  • migrated from Persona to FxA (and supported both, through manual testing and automation, throughout the transition)
  • shipped support for pre-installed apps
  • shipped support for hidden apps
  • shipped recommended apps
  • shipped support for Newsletters
  • shipped communication dashboard for  interaction between reviewers and developers
  • enabled payments in regions like Mexico and worked extensively on getting payments working on Bangladesh



  • shipped vouch refactor
  • shipped geolocation
  • moved the project’s development environment to Docker
  • successfully transitioned the project to a community QA Lead


  • Acting PM – created a prioritized list of triaged feature needs
  • Began to solve scaling problems in MozTrap to reduce pain for QA – unresponsive UX, long running queries, data integrity (more to come in 2015!)


  • Migrated crash-stats storage off HBase and into S3
  • Crash-stats reporting for B2G


Web QA Dashboard:

One and Done:

  • Improved admin system for creating and editing tasks
  • Added admin views for Task Activity and Metrics
  • Ability to create “one time only” tasks
  • Ability to create tasks from Bugzilla bugs
  • Publicly viewable profiles, with a customizable URL
  • User notifications for expired and/or closed tasks
  • updated privacy protocols
  • ability to interact with users who submit feedback
  • One and Done test days
  • Community highlights


Open Badges:

Presentations & Meetups:

A huge thanks yet again to the entire team for really coming together and making  our efforts in 2014 really pay off — here’s to 2015!

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  1. Dave Hunt wrote on

    Thanks for writing this up – it’s great to look back at everything that’s been achieved, and it’s always surprising how much can be fit into a year. Let’s see if we can make 2015 even better!


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