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“I Am Mozilla Web QA” — meet Valentina Peleskei

Valentina PeleskeiWhat do you do at Mozilla?

I am part of the Web QA Team, and together with Madalin, Victor and Krupa we “take care” of two important Mozilla projects: Marketplace and AMO, through manual testing.

Any fun side projects you’re working on?

I’m a free spirit who loves anything related to nature, photography and poetry… this, I think, is a side-effect of my mathematics-informatics studies.

My spare time is very limited and I like to spend it going on bike-rides, exploring the unexplored.

In the near future I hope to publish my little collection of poems. I promise to share with you my first English poem! 🙂

How did you get started in testing?

My code name: “Newbie” …but ssssh!! If I’m thinking outside the box I’ve tested almost every day of my life. From childhood, when I’ve tested all sort of food, games to adulthood when I’ve tested trust, friends and for almost a year now, sites.

I am a Junior QC Engineer at Softvision Baia Mare, Romania.

How did you get involved with Mozilla?

My collaboration with Mozilla goes way back as a user of Firefox browser.

As a tester, we met on January 1st, 2015….as it was my first assigned project at my current job.

What’s coming up that you’re excited about?

They are coming to Cluj:

If you don’t try (apply) there isn’t a chance, even as small as this, to succeed… so, I applied!

What question do you wish you’d been asked?

Actually is not a question: “Describe how you are feeling right now through a photo”. Everyone likes photos.

Graciosa Island

Favorite city that’s not Portland?

I’ve never been to Portland, so, I could not tell 🙂

Prague is somewhere in the top of my choices, Athens, Barcelona and for sure Lanzarote Island.

Wish to see the “City of Angels”, Lapland Igloo village from Finland (Aurora Borealis), Bali-Indonesia (civilization) and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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  1. Dave Hunt wrote on

    Hey Valentina! I look forward to reading your English poetry! 😀


  2. Valentina wrote on

    Hey Dave! It will be a little bit difficult, because my soul is Romanian 🙂
    But, for sure, I’ll try…


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