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One and Done feature update: Q2

One and Done has continued to grow and evolve in 2015. We’ve increased the number and variety of tasks – which is a great way to expand the options for contributors looking to get involved with Mozilla! We’re looking to keep expanding the tool far beyond QA, to include tasks from multiple teams across Mozilla.

In Q2 we added a couple of highly requested features to the One and Done website. I’m hoping that the addition of these features will encourage you and your team to increase your use of the site.

  • Verified tasks – Our number one request! Admins can now create tasks with steps for verification. Contributors take the task and submit their work for approval inside the site. The Admin receives the report via email and can either give more direction on how to best complete the task, or mark it as complete. The task cannot be completed until the Admin gives their stamp of approval. All of the interactions are saved on the Admin interface, and all Admins can interact with the verified tasks. Admins are able to respond directly to the user, who receives it via email. It’s a great opportunity to interact with contributors – to ask for more, to compliment them, and to encourage them.
  • Team landing pages – All teams now have their own unique landing pages. This will give each team the opportunity to introduce users to One and Done using their unique team tasks and processes. Admins are able to edit team descriptions, adding information about them, testing, why to join their team, where the documentation lives, when meetings are – anything contributors might need to know! The default team landing page description is blank by default. It will only show description information if an Admin chooses to add it. By default the team landing page will still include the team name, and a list of the tasks associated with the team.
  • No limit on tasks – Contributors can now work on multiple tasks. This removes any constraint about which team to work for. It also allows for a variety of tasks, and difficulty levels. There’s no reason why not to knock out a short task, while continuing to work on a much more difficult one simultaneously.

In Q3 we are currently working on getting UI reviews for our mockups for a redesigned Search interface. We are doing important backend work getting off Stackato, adding Pontoon for localization and if we have time also upgrading to Django 1.8. 

I’d be interested to know what else you think is highly important for One and Done to add. Is there one feature that will really make the site more usable for your team? Let me know if you have any suggestions or would like to discuss an idea.

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