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Web QA Team Meetings – Day One

This week we’ve gathered the Web QA team in Mountain View, California to discuss and hack together on a number of things that are difficult to make rapid progress on while we’re dispersed around the world.

I’m happy to report that our first day was incredibly productive! Today we acheived the following:

  • We have an initial draft of a brand new mission statement for the team (we’ll reveal the final version at the end of the week). In addition to this, we’ve made good progress on writing supporting definitions for terms used in our statement.
  • We had the most rewarding discussion so far on how our team can respond to the growing trend of projects moving to continuous delivery. An action item has been taken to publish our notes.
  • We started to add tags to our list of projects to indicate where our time is currently spent. We also discussed how we might revisit this to make a visually appealing display of our distribution of efforts.
  • We came up with a list of desired features for our IRC channel bot ahead of a hack session scheduled on day two.

In addition to the above we somehow found time to attend our regularly scheduled meetings and for a brief tour of the Mozilla office, including the device lab! Check out the schedule for the remainder of the week, and feel free to join any of the sessions.

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