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Web QA Team Meetings – Day Four

On the fourth day of our team gathering we revisited the mission statement we started on the first day. Our final mission statement is:

Our mission is to provide data, services and tools to positively impact the quality of Mozilla websites.

We felt that this addresses everything we do in Web QA, and while we have at times gone above and beyond this mission we’d like this to be our foundation. The statement is short, and succinct, but we realised that some of the terms may not be entirely clear. For this reason, our new Mission page defines and provides examples of some of these.

In addition to continuing to hack of some of the things started earlier in the week, Bob Silverberg gave us a demonstration of how he’s used Heroku for the One and Done project.

Finally, we also discussed potential Q4 goals. Given the number of ideas that were brought up, I don’t think we’ll have a problem picking some great things to achieve next quarter!

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