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Web QA Team Meetings – Day Two

In the second day of our team sprint we had more great sessions. We started with our automation project documentation, which we all agreed needs attention and have come up with an improved structure that we’ll be trying out – hopefully we’ll even get one project updated before the end of the week!

We followed that with talking about the current state of website monitoring and reporting tools, which is going to be an important area for our team during the next quarter. We’re certainly asking ourselves a lot of great questions in this area, and the next step is to take many of those questions to the teams working on the infrastructure and hosting of our various projects.

In the afternoon we talked about how we can keep up to date with the latest techniques and trends in quality and testing, and we had some great ideas on this topic. Later on this week we’re hoping to announce a new community initiative on this subject.

The team also happened to be in town, so they kindly gave us an overview of how they’ve used TaskCluster and Treeherder in their test automation. These are tools we’ve yet to use in Web QA so it was great to hear about their experiences, and we asked a lot of great questions.

If that wasn’t enough, we started to hack on a new version of our IRC channel bot based on Hubot, and managed to get an instance running and reporting our GitHub activity – something our current bot doesn’t provide. By the end of the week we intend to at least have a roadmap and issues raised for the remaining features.

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