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Web QA Team Meetings – Day Five

For the final day of our week of team meetings we travelled up to San Francisco. Unfortunately this meant that Rebecca couldn’t attend, but it did mean that Krupa could!

After an exhausting week of sessions, we tried to keep the last day fairly light. We finished raising issues against our new IRC bot based on Hubot, and have created a milestone that once reached will allow us to replace our existing channel bot. We’ll probably pick these off ourselves over the next few weeks, but if you’re interested in contributing it may be a great place to get started. You can find the issues in our webqabot GitHub repository.

As we were in the city, we took the opportunity to visit the Sauce Labs office for lunch. It was great to catch up with the team there and to hear about how they monitor their services, their experience with the new Microsoft Edge browser, and the challenges of real device testing.I can safely say that this had been the single most productive team week I have ever attended. Of course there was more that I would love to have got to – but we only had so much time! Next time we all get together will likely be in December for the company all-hands.

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