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“I Am Mozilla Web QA” – meet Madalin Cotetiu

Madalin CotetiuWhat do you do at Mozilla?

Currently I’m part of the Web QA team where I work on the Marketplace and the Add-ons websites as a manual tester.


What do you like to spend your spare time on?

I was always passionate about design, photography, or anything related to visual arts so in my spare time I like to read everything that gets to my hands related to this subject. I’m also following some visual artists that I really like. One of them is Nico Di Mattia you should really check his work.

Also I love sport, even if lately I don’t have the necessary time to allocate to this passion, I still play some table tennis and keep an eye for major events in football (european football) and snooker.

How did you get started in testing?

I think I always had an eye for details, always questioning myself and others why things are the way they are, so moving to a career in testing fitted naturally. First I started with some internships trying to catch everything that was new and interesting in this domain and later on I got my first job as a tester.

How and when did you get involved with Mozilla?

As a tester it all started a year and a half ago when I joined the Web QA team. I always loved the idea of open source and having a free web where everybody can contribute to make it better so joining Mozilla was the natural thing for me to do.

What’s your favourite testing tool, and why?

Before Mozilla I worked on a project where I used SoapUI. This is a nice tool offering an open source version which can be used as a functional API testing solution. SoapUI is one of those tools: easy to learn hard to master. You can quickly get started creating automated tests which are easy to run and monitor but things can complicate if you want to integrate it with some other tools or to more complex stuff.

What’s your favorite city?

I’ll go with my hometown Baia Mare as this is the place I was born and lived almost my whole life. It’s a small and quiet town (that’s why I love it :)) but has it’s share of places to spend your free time. I would love to visit someday Rio mainly for the carnival but also for it’s famous beach Copacabana.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I’m part of Softvision’s team and working from one of our offices in Romania. My nick on IRC is madalinc so for any other questions feel free to write me 🙂

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