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Introducing Season 3 of IRL, Mozilla’s Original Podcast

Over the first two seasons of IRL, Mozilla’s podcast, we confronted online trolls and stood up for net neutrality. We downloaded the latest on bots and facial recognition technology. We visited plenty of tech startups, and even a cult.

It’s clear: our world is more connected today than ever before. It’s not all good, and it’s not all bad. But it’s all new, and it’s changing our human experience. We log on to find love. To do business. To join communities. But every time we access the Web, we enter into agreements with big tech. What are these agreements? What do we gain, and what do we lose? Season 3 of IRL is all about exploring those tradeoffs.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

Thank you for tuning in. As a not-for-profit, Mozilla launched the IRL podcast last year to shine a light on the convergence of our online and offline lives. 2 million downloads and thousands of emails from you later, it’s clear to us that you want to demand better bargains online. We’re with you. We built this Internet together. And we’re committed to making sure we can all participate in its future.

IRL Season 3 launches on July 2. Subscribe today. When you do, you’ll be among the first to hear each episode, and you’ll be all the more ready to navigate the pitfalls and joys of life online.

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  1. samir wrote on

    i am ALONE


  2. Bob wrote on

    Stop recruiting illiterate people, please. Sneak peak…(in your Firefox trail intro) is misspelt.


    1. J wrote on

      I noticed the same! But I didn’t find it so upsetting.


      1. George wrote on

        I Guess some people are just mature enough to not call others illiterate for a simple typo (or an honest spelling mistake)


    2. Edwin wrote on

      Wait, I’m confused…I see “Sneak Peek” which is the correct spelling…where is it spelled wrong?


  3. Molly wrote on

    Thank you for saying that George. Saved me a lecture.


  4. humberto wrote on

    why? don’t i play ? facebook’s videos,< here .


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